Tip of the month: October 2017

Imagine a blustery autumn evening, the moon is peeking through the clouds and the night is full of scary looking witches and goblins strolling down the street. For those of us in the "lice-buster" business, this is not scary. The only thing we find frightening is when the witches and goblins trade costumes!!! Yes, that’s right, trading outfits is a sure-fire way to contract lice.

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for children and families. So keep it enjoyable and lice-free by eating candy instead of trying on each other’s costumes!

Line up kids…

Tip of the month: September 2017

Now that school is back in session, one thing we suggest is to reach out to your school administration or Parents Club and urge them to have regular head checks of the entire school after every vacation and long weekend. The schools we do this for (yes we are for hire!) all have said It makes a huge difference throughout the year. It helps the school stay on top of it so the lice breakouts are few and far between.

School Days… School Days!

Tip of the month: August 2017

Summer camps and long days at the pool will soon be long lost memories, and with the change of seasons comes the angst of the new school year along with the possibility of your child getting head lice. Here are a few tips to help ward off the little pests and have a lice free year:

  • Look for them. Check your child’s head frequently the first few days of school. After the many sleepovers and movies this summer, you want to make sure your children are lice-free and not bringing them to school. Lice like to hang out behind the ears or at the base of the neck on girls and the crown of the head on boys, so take a fine-toothed comb and begin your hunt there.
  • Tie up long hair. Lice are big fans of clean hair, so if your child has recently washed it, make sure it is tied up in braids or a pony tail so crawling from head to head becomes difficult for them.
  • Use essential oils. Lice do not like sprays such as lavender, mint and tea tree. Just dab a little behind the ears or at the base of the neck and they will leave you alone. Limit shampooing with Tea Tree shampoos. (once a week at most as this dry’s out the scalp and causes yellowish head sores if overused)

Batter up!

Tip of the month: April 2018

Spring has arrived which means baseball and softball are in full swing. It is essential that each of your kids have and use their own helmet. Sharing baseball helmets is one the of fastest ways to spread lice from one kid to another. Trust us when we say that this is one of the best investments you will ever make. Oh and one other thing, make sure you put their name or a bright sticker on it so your kids knows which one is his/hers.

How Sweet It Is…

Tip of the month: February 2018

Treating your home after hearing you have lice can seem daunting, but we promise you that it is not difficult and can be done quickly and efficiently. There are many myths and urban legends floating out there that say you have to bag practically everything in your house for three whole weeks. Luckily this is not the case.

  • Bedding: Since lice cannot live longer than 24 hours off the scalp (okay, the big guys maybe 36 hours) sheets, towels, and bath mats should be washed immediately. If your washer and dryer accommodates larger items, comforters and pillows should be washed as well. If they are too bulky, simply put them a garbage bag in the garage for 24 hours.
  • Clothes: You only need to wash the clothes that were worn that day and possibly the day before. NOT THE WHOLE CLOSET! Lice simply cannot live, once they are off the scalp.
  • Vacuum: This includes both carpets and furniture. Once everything is vacuumed, as a precaution, do not use the sofas for at least 24 to 36 hours. The other place that needs to be vacuumed is the car. If you have leather seats, don’t worry about it. If they are cloth seats and the car seat is cloth, vacuum them or wash them, including the car seat covers.
  • Stuffed Animals: A quick way to kill lice that have hatched and crawled onto a stuff animal is to simply put it in a hot dryer for a half an hour or put them in a garbage bag in the garage for 24 hours.

In the end, always remember that nits and lice cannot fall off the hair shaft and hatch on any surface. They have to be on the scalp to live.

New Year… New Rules!

Tip of the month: January 2018

There are many misconceptions on how or why children are infected with head lice and we are here to debunk all the "urban myths" that clog the internet chat boards. So let’s set the record straight shall we?

  • Lice DO NOT fly or jump, they crawl
  • Head lice IS NOT the same as body lice
  • Head lice IS NOT a socioeconomic disease
  • Lice DOES NOT prefer dirty hair, in fact it prefers clean hair
  • Eggs or Nymphs DO NOT live once off the head (8-10 hrs)
  • Eggs DO NOT fall off on the pillow and then hatch (they MUST hatch on the head)
  • Pets DO NOT get lice, thus they cannot spread it either
  • Female louse CANNOT lay eggs anywhere but on the hair shaft
  • Lice CANNOT live on stuffed animals
  • Olive oil and mayonnaise will kill live bugs but they DO NOT kill eggs (combing or picking them out one at a time is the ONLY way they will die)

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Tip of the month: December 2017

As the holiday’s approach, here are a few tried and true things you can do this winter to prevent a lice infestation.

  • Do not share scarves or hats with others
  • If you are going on a ski vacation, bring your own helmet instead of renting one
  • When having a sleepover, do not share clothes, brushes etc…
  • Use essential oils or mint spray on hair before getting on an airplane as lice sometime hang out there

No Thanks Given!

Tip of the month: November 2017

You unzip the backpack and there it is: the dreaded letter about a lice outbreak in your child’s class. Quickly you pour a glass of wine and begin to panic. Our first piece of advice is to take a deep breath and say calmly, "This too shall pass." Once your blood pressure has come down, it’s time to take action.

First, put your child under a bright lamp to see if he or she might be infested. Look for any live bugs cruising around the head as well as nits (better known as eggs) which will be stuck to the hair shaft. (They look like little flakes of dandruff, however they are three dimensional and if you blow on them, they will not move.)

When you are checking your child’s head, look directly behind their ears, the crown of their head, the back of their necks and in the hair at the top of the forehead. If you do see lice, unfortunately treatment whether at home or at a salon has to begin. These buggers simply do not disappear and the longer you wait, the worse the infestation gets. If you don’t see any signs of lice, do a happy dance and begin preventative measures.

If lice does happen, we are here for you at Nitpixies.

Mayo, olive oil, heat oh my! What works and doesn’t work in munchkin land.

Tip of the month: May 2017

We are often asked if covering a child’s head with Mayonnaise or olive oil gets rid of lice. Or if those hot air machines are the new magic bullet in the war against those pesky creatures. Our answer lies somewhere in between and we are here to give you our take on the subject after nine years of successfully treating families here in the Bay Area.

Though many of these treatments succeed in killing or smothering live bugs, it’s the nits that are the problem. Nits are resilient little buggers (excuse the pun!) and they fiercely protect themselves with their outer shells. Penetrating and killing what lies within those shells is hard to do with heat or a gooey substance. So we say, go for it if you are just trying to kill the live ones, however if you truly want to eradiate them, you need to go back to the old fashion way, which is combing them out, one nit at a time. Getting those nits off the scalp is the only way to cut off their blood supply and get rid of them for good.

Listen, if we had a dime for all the contraptions and products that have come and gone since we started Nitpixies, we would be sipping cool beverages in Hawaii by now. Here is the real deal: what we do at Nitpixies is not rocket science. We are simply doing what our grandmothers grandmother did 100 years ago. We comb out your infestation one nit at a time with the best nit comb on the market and a lot of love. We founded Nitpixies on the principal of truly being “A Mom’s Best Friend”, not robbing her blind. We made a pledge and have stuck to it for almost 10 years that we would treat your infestation in one appointment and would only do a second one if the infestation was enormous. There is simply no reason to have you back 4 and 5 times like some shops suggest.

So Olive oil away but then stop on in and let us help you get the nits out for good.

Moral of the story…be careful of marketing hype and stick with the tried and true!