Mayo, olive oil, heat oh my! What works and doesn’t work in munchkin land.

Tip of the month: May 2017

We are often asked if covering a child’s head with Mayonnaise or olive oil gets rid of lice. Or if those hot air machines are the new magic bullet in the war against those pesky creatures. Our answer lies somewhere in between and we are here to give you our take on the subject after nine years of successfully treating families here in the Bay Area.

Though many of these treatments succeed in killing or smothering live bugs, it’s the nits that are the problem. Nits are resilient little buggers (excuse the pun!) and they fiercely protect themselves with their outer shells. Penetrating and killing what lies within those shells is hard to do with heat or a gooey substance. So we say, go for it if you are just trying to kill the live ones, however if you truly want to eradiate them, you need to go back to the old fashion way, which is combing them out, one nit at a time. Getting those nits off the scalp is the only way to cut off their blood supply and get rid of them for good.

Listen, if we had a dime for all the contraptions and products that have come and gone since we started Nitpixies, we would be sipping cool beverages in Hawaii by now. Here is the real deal: what we do at Nitpixies is not rocket science. We are simply doing what our grandmothers grandmother did 100 years ago. We comb out your infestation one nit at a time with the best nit comb on the market and a lot of love. We founded Nitpixies on the principal of truly being “A Mom’s Best Friend”, not robbing her blind. We made a pledge and have stuck to it for almost 10 years that we would treat your infestation in one appointment and would only do a second one if the infestation was enormous. There is simply no reason to have you back 4 and 5 times like some shops suggest.

So Olive oil away but then stop on in and let us help you get the nits out for good.

Moral of the story…be careful of marketing hype and stick with the tried and true!