New Year… New Rules!

Tip of the month: January 2018

There are many misconceptions on how or why children are infected with head lice and we are here to debunk all the "urban myths" that clog the internet chat boards. So let’s set the record straight shall we?

  • Lice DO NOT fly or jump, they crawl
  • Head lice IS NOT the same as body lice
  • Head lice IS NOT a socioeconomic disease
  • Lice DOES NOT prefer dirty hair, in fact it prefers clean hair
  • Eggs or Nymphs DO NOT live once off the head (8-10 hrs)
  • Eggs DO NOT fall off on the pillow and then hatch (they MUST hatch on the head)
  • Pets DO NOT get lice, thus they cannot spread it either
  • Female louse CANNOT lay eggs anywhere but on the hair shaft
  • Lice CANNOT live on stuffed animals
  • Olive oil and mayonnaise will kill live bugs but they DO NOT kill eggs (combing or picking them out one at a time is the ONLY way they will die)