School Days… School Days!

Tip of the month: August 2017

Summer camps and long days at the pool will soon be long lost memories, and with the change of seasons comes the angst of the new school year along with the possibility of your child getting head lice. Here are a few tips to help ward off the little pests and have a lice free year:

  • Look for them. Check your child’s head frequently the first few days of school. After the many sleepovers and movies this summer, you want to make sure your children are lice-free and not bringing them to school. Lice like to hang out behind the ears or at the base of the neck on girls and the crown of the head on boys, so take a fine-toothed comb and begin your hunt there.
  • Tie up long hair. Lice are big fans of clean hair, so if your child has recently washed it, make sure it is tied up in braids or a pony tail so crawling from head to head becomes difficult for them.
  • Use essential oils. Lice do not like sprays such as lavender, mint and tea tree. Just dab a little behind the ears or at the base of the neck and they will leave you alone. Limit shampooing with Tea Tree shampoos. (once a week at most as this dry’s out the scalp and causes yellowish head sores if overused)