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Our goal is to safely remove nits and lice using healthy, organic procedures.We are your resource for lice prevention and have a catalog of preventative and maintenance products, tool kits, and educational materials.

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Head Lice Check

A thorough inspection is always performed before a lice removal procedure.

NitPixies Lice Removal

Lice Removal

Our organic treatments rid lice and nits from your head safely and effectively.

Nit Comb-Out

Nit-picking is time-consuming - leave the task to us!

We service all Bay Area schools and camps. Book here to schedule an appointment.


Our clinical salons always practice sterilization and thorough disinfection. These practices have increased with the preventative measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All team members wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) uniforms that include a safety face mask, disposable gloves, and hand protection and isolation gowns

We honor social distancing and allow one family at a time for service in our salons. We ask that you and all family members wear your face mask when entering the salon and receiving services.

Yes, NitPixies’ lice repellent products and lice removal kits are available for purchase 24/7. We send text messages when your packages are ready. Free shipping is also available.

When you arrive for a lice treatment or head check, it is ideal to have your hair, clean, dry, and detangled. It is best to have product-free hair so we can effectively detect and remove lice and nits from your hair and scalp.

In a household, a lice infestation is similar to a cold. If one family member has a cold, it will spread throughout the home. That is why we recommend head-checks for the entire family at the same time.

One lice treatment is not the solution to rid of any lice infestation. Depending on the severity of your lice case, we might recommend additional treatments or, at least, a follow-up head check to inspect your lice treatment’s progress.

After a salon or home-kit lice treatment, you’re given next day guides, products and are encouraged to return for a follow-up visit. We recommend that you follow our daily comb-thru instructions. And regularly use the lice repellent shampoo and conditioner on your hair, along with the repellent spray on clothing, linens, and seating areas.

When you recieve three lice treatments within ten days services are guaranted 100%.

Our products are non-toxic and made of essential oils. NitPixies products are free of sulfates and parabens.

We offer on-location school and camp head checks, where our technicians arrive at with the proper tools and equipment to perform thorough head lice checks. We also perform camp head lice checks during drop-off and pick-up days.

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