Head Lice! Ugh!
Removing lice on your own is quite a time-consuming task.

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Lice are a significant problem that affects many people, and it’s quite common in small children. Removing lice on your own is quite a time-consuming task, which can be a little annoying for most people.

So, in such cases, you can visit any of our salons in the bay area for lice removal services. Now, how to know if your child has lice or not? See the checklist below of signs that indicate your child may have lice. 

Itchy Head

Head scratching, all the time, is a sign of head lice. Itchiness happens because of lice bites, which don’t go away quickly. But, according to research, it has been found that not everyone suffers from itching, so it’s better to check the head of your child twice a month.

Feels Like Something Crawling on the Head

If your kid has lice, they will feel like something is crawling on their head. Lice can cause a tickling in the head. If you’re unsure whether your child has lice or not, ask them if they feel any sensation in their hair.

Trouble Sleeping

Scalp irritation can make it hard to sleep well. If your child has lice, they will have difficulty sleeping and will scratch their head all night. 

If your child is getting irritated day by day, it’s better to check their scalp for lice and seek professional assistance.

Sores from Scratching

If you observe sores on your child’s head, then it’s an indication they have lice on their head. Some kids feel embarrassed about the lesions and hide this problem. It’s better to check their head and take them for a lice treatment as early as possible before it becomes contaminated with bacteria.

These are all symptoms that indicate your child has head lice; however, check with certainty and book an appointment to inspect. 

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